What we do

Because what is on the inside does count.

Storage space solutions for everyone who needs a little extra room. Lighting systems for everyone who wants to create bright accents. And ergonomics for anyone to feel comfortable in their Dream Kitchen.

At Pennine Kitchen Designs we have a different kind of design philosophy.

We Are Designers

We are not like other kitchen companies, we offer a bespoke kitchen design process. A kitchen means more to us than a few worktops, cabinets, and appliances – to us it is just as important to ensure that your dream kitchen functions as well as it looks.

We approach our designs with careful consideration for the most efficient layout utilising smart kitchen storage, and appropriate lighting solutions that transform a kitchen into a dream kitchen.

How We Design Your Dream Kitchen

We pride ourselves on our ability to conceptualise & design dream kitchens.

It’s not about how many cabinets we can fit into a room layout, it’s about designing the kitchen you have always dreamt of having. There’s no better feeling than watching someone fall in with their proposed design, and it’s what we strive for.

The brainstorming phase is very important in our process. Every kitchen we design involves multiple designers casting their eyes over the room layout.

  • We tailor the brainstorming process around your requirements.
  • Careful thought and consideration is given to the functionality of the kitchen.
  • Multiple styles of kitchen are debated until we find what fits best for the architecture.

After the brainstorming has concluded the real fun begins, we start to build your dream kitchen piece by piece with our state of the art CAD software.

  • Ergonomics, spacial requirements, and height restrictions are the focal point.
  • Referencing legislative guidelines ensures the kitchen meets all legal requirements.
  • We evaluate any issues that could surface with the design of the kitchen.

This is the last part of the design process, and it’s where your dream kitchen really comes to life.

  • Smart storage solutions, and miscellaneous items are added.
  • Lighting is carefully integrated into the kitchen where needed.
  • Appliances are integrated into the design, and the kitchen is complete.

How we work with you

Our Journey with you from start to finish.


Site Survey

We arrange a date and time that is convenient for you to discuss your requirements, and for us to measure the room for your dream kitchen.


Kitchen Design

We design your dream kitchen from the ground up, referencing your requirements and ensuring that the kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.


Survey and Ordering

We will arrange a final site survey, and then send the design off to Nobilia who will ensure everything is correct before processing the order.



After the installation we will contact you to ensure that you are happy with the service, and promptly leave you to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams!


A few statistics about Nobilia, our chosen kitchen supplier.



By Brothers Johann and Willy Stickling



Manufactured at the warehouse in one day



Lorries and 860 semi-trailers with 389 qualified drivers.

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