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Niche cladding

for the perfect kitchen design. for the perfect kitchen design.

Niche claddings with motifs are a trendy and practical way to highlight niches. 24 different digitally printed motifs are available to help you create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel – the choice is up to you.

The cladding.

291 - Décor Metro White

A clean and contemporary look that adds a slightly industrial touch. The perfect design element for modern kitchen designs.

292 - Décor Metro Black

A statement in the trendy colour black, which doesn’t just strongly highlight the niche. Ideal as a contrasting program, as well as tone-in-tone.

293 - Décor Golden Art

Luxurious and expressive – the stone texture in black and gold adds a touch of Art Deco to any room. Very unique!

294 - Décor Circle Black

The cool look with tangible matt-gloss effect sets accents, but also works in a monochrome environment. By the way: Easy to clean in spite of the texture.

295 - Décor Circle Taupe Grey

The trendy colour taupe grey harmonises as a wallpaper, furniture element or accessory in any form, stylishly together with our patterned taupe grey Circle.

296 - Yellow Gold Coloured

This gold appearance is created on the basis of an HPL material with an integrated real metal foil. A stylish effect that combines wonderfully with gold-coloured accessories.

432 - Décor Loft Design

Do you love the rich contrast inherent in the look of rough, untreated walls? Then, mount Décor loft design on your wall – and add a touch of loft-style coolness to your home.

433 - Décor Quarry Stone

Rustic and cosy! Bring the charm of a vintage farm house into your own four walls with the niche motif “Quarry stone” in natural stone appearance.

442 - Décor Stone Wall

You can really build on this décor. The niche cladding “Stone wall” imparts a sense of durability and power.

529 - Décor Stone Wall Light

Or do you long for stone on stone solidity? Then, the niche motif “Décor dry stone wall” is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

536 - Décor Brick Light

Whether modern decorating style or the ever-popular trend toward cottage style. Accents with light-coloured brickwork – like our Décor brick, light – makes the most of both.

517 - Décor Ceramic Tiles

A special kind of wall art! The digitally printed motif “Ceramic tiles” enchants with the ornamental look of tile mosaics from Portugal and Morocco.

518 - Décor Indigo Blue

Blue-white like the sky and the sea! The “Indigo blue“ niche cladding lends exotic accents to the kitchen and bathroom – in the style of the traditional hand-painted Azulejos (ceramic tiles) from Lisbon.

521 - Décor Retro

Circular, bold, but in no way gaudy. Décor retro creates striking Black & White accents. Perfectfor those looking to add a retro feel to their kitchen.

522 - Décor Floral Blue

With the look of Indigo tile and a hint of oriental flavour, Décor floral blue enhances so much more than just White cottage style kitchens.

523 - Décor Floral Grey

For those who prefer a similar but subtler look, Décor floral grey—instead of blue—offers an artful mix of tiles from Lisbon and Morocco that is an absolute hit.

525 - Décor Patchwork

The wall as decorative element—the multicoloured Décor patchwork is variegated like a quilt.

435 - Décor Flower Design

Delicate flowers define this design and radiate a natural effortlessness.

437 - Décor Leek Design

A special ingredient for your kitchen: our niche cladding with Décor Leek design.

441 - Décor Bottle Design

Filigrane decanters for water and wine determine the look of this niche cladding reduced to the bare essentials.

445 - Décor World of Tea

Not only popular in India – but beloved around the world: tea. Niche cladding with this digitally printed motif immerses you in the world of tea.

448 - Décor Beach

Always have a view of the seashore: thanks to the niche cladding with beach print.

531 - Décor Skyline

The Skyline motif in popular Black and White gives the kitchen a young, urban flair.

548 - Décor Ornamental Taupe

Baroque style for your wall! The new ornamental taupe niche cladding creates an exquisite wallpaper effect. With its subtle and timeless hues, this décor suits any setting.

549 - Décor Ornamental Green

This niche motif’s green look captivates with its striking pattern and comes up trumps as a real eye-catcher on the wall when styled with baroque ornaments.

553 - Décor Geometry

For those who love an elegant décor style and geometric shapes.

554 - Décor Indian Stone

Chiselled in stone! The finely patterned Indian stone décor with its blue/grey hues is an unobtrusive motif that works wonderfully well in a timeless and modern kitchen design.

558 - Décor Rhombus Grey

Striking, but not flashy! This niche motif impresses with its graphic pattern in grey tones.

559 - Décor Rhombus Gold

Create highlights in your kitchen with the elegant look of the rhombus gold niche cladding.

561 - Décor Fjord

Absolutely idyllic! This niche cladding with digital print motif radiates perfect tranquillity, almost like being at the fjord in Norway.

565 - Décor Forest

With its forest bathed in light, the digital print motif “Décor forest” is perfect for kitchens in natural colours.

569 - Décor Urban Jungle

Bring the jungle to your home! This niche motif looks especially beautiful combined with fronts in a wood appearance or Sand.

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